Benefits Of Professional Rug Cleaning

Let’s face it: your area rugs, oriental rugs, and other important home components represent more than just a fancified living room. They are a significant investment.

That’s why it’s important to maintain those area rugs with the proper tender, loving care that they deserve. If you have a luxurious rug blanketing the floor (or floors) of your home, you already know that it’s important to have them vacuumed and neat at all times.

But did you know you can also benefit from having them professionally cleaned?

With contemporary colors, fine fabrics, and delicate designs, you can’t entrust your rug cleaning jobs to just any Average Joe. In San Antonio, it’s important to have your rugs cleaned the right way by the pros at Alamo Steam Team. Our San Antonio carpet cleaners use the most innovative and effective cleaning tactics for even the most delicate oriental or area rugs.

Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of having your rugs professionally cleaned, and contact Alamo Steam Team today to schedule your appointment.

Knowledge And Care

Professional rug cleaners, like the experts at Alamo Steam Team, provide peace of mind. We know the process of cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery better than most anyone. Our team uses an exclusive multi-step process, which includes removing the rug from your home for a thorough deep clean. This ensures there won’t be mold or mildew growth during the drying process.

Extended Lifespan

Not all rugs are made the same, and using the wrong method or doing it yourself can result in permanent damage of the rug’s fibers. That can lead to frayed ends, discoloration, and other damage which will leave you scratching your head.

Professional deep cleaning, on the other hand, ensures the right methods are used for your particular fibers and fabrics. A good, deep clean will reduce the appearance of wear and discoloration, making your rug look like new again.

Reduce Pollutants

You may have already noticed that your indoor air quality just isn’t what it used to be. Maybe you have your rug carefully placed in a high-traffic area and it has been worn and stained by dirt. Or, maybe your dog, cat, or other friendly furry friend just continues to scatter their fluff all about.

Over time, your area rug accumulates dirt, grime, allergens, and more, which can compromise your health and well-being.

All of those issues can be mitigated with professional carpet cleaning. Having your rugs professionally cleaned can eliminate stains, dirt, odors, and pollutants, even in high traffic areas. That helps your home remain hygienic and habitable.

Save Time And Money

Why spend precious money on a new rug every six months when you can simply have it cleaned effectively for a fraction of the cost?

Why labor yourself with time consuming, energy consuming, and downright tedious do-it-yourself methods?

Why go on with a rug that isn’t neat, clean, and fresh? Just trust the professionals and have your area rugs cleaned the right way.

Alamo Steam Team is the Top Rated Local® carpet cleaner in San Antonio. Get your home looking spotless and schedule your appointment today.

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