How To Deal With Pet Odors Indoors

Pets are the best.

But the unfortunate truth is that pets also stink. Literally.

Our beloved furry friends have the unfortunate habit of tracking in loads of dirt, dander, and other little particles which, collectively, make their way into the fibers of carpets, furniture, and other areas around the house.

When left untreated, these pesky little particles can leave behind a stale, foul, and unmistakable odor. That stench can lead people, or even yourself, to believe that you are living in filth and squalor — even though you’re not.

So what’s the answer? Getting rid of your beloved pet is certainly out of the question, and it would never be a suggestion you hear from Alamo Steam Team.

But it is imperative that you take action to get rid of these pet odors without having to get rid of your pet.

Keep reading to learn more about how to deal with pet odors indoors and contact the San Antonio carpet cleaning experts at Alamo Steam Team for help!

Clean The Tile And Grout

While it may seem obvious that pet hairs and dander can become intertwined with the fibers in your carpet or upholstery, what you may not know is that pet odors can also stem from hard floors.

Whether it’s a hardwood, tile, or grout, you need to be diligent about sweeping, mopping, and rinsing your hard floors at least once a week. This process picks up loose hairs, dirt, and other soils that might otherwise float through the air and find somewhere else to reside.

Alamo Steam Team is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to San Antonio tile and grout cleaning. Give us a call or book an appointment online today for help from the Alamo pros.

Clean Carpets

This is a fairly obvious point to make, but an important one nonetheless. No matter how much they may “bathe” themselves, your adorable furry friends still tend to carry a whole mess of dirt and dander in their paws and in their fur.

Those pollutants and soils ultimately make their way into the fibers of your carpet, which are waiting unsuspectingly for anything to latch onto.

Chances are, whether it’s an accident or just regular, everyday living, the majority of the dog or cat odor that you notice in your home is coming from your carpets.

At Alamo Steam team, we have the ability to tackle odors and allergens that are caused specifically by pets.

Our San Antonio carpet cleaners offer odor and allergen removal services, which includes everything from steam carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning to air duct cleaning — all of which can eliminate and control those pesky pet odors.

The professional carpet cleaners at Alamo Steam Team are all IICRC certified, trained, and experienced in steam cleaning carpets of all types. We start by carefully inspecting your carpet fibers in order to identify the best practices and materials to use, that way we can eliminate the pet odors, stains, and allergens completely.

Wash Your Pets (And Their Bed)

Lastly, a good way to cut down on the odors brought in by your pets is to keep them clean! This may also seem like a fairly obvious point, but sometimes this is a task that can be neglected or forgotten about in the day-to-day craziness.

Pets should be bathed about once a month, and you should consider washing their beds, blankets, and other items as frequently as twice per month. This will help cut down on the odor/dander build up while also helping you cultivate a cleaner, healthier home.

Contact our San Antonio carpet cleaners today to have your home steam cleaned by the pros and eliminate stains and odors in no time.

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