The Best Way To Remove Pet Stains


There are a few things that you can just come to expect as a pet owner.

There are lots of licks, cuddles, and fun, to be sure. But there are also accidents. Chances are, if you have a young pup or kitten especially, there will be at least one or two incidents in which you’ll be left befuddled after they’ve left a puddle.

But not all hope is lost. Cleaning up pet stains can be a simple process — as simple as 1, 2, 3, to be exact. So, what is the best way to remove pet stains after an accident? If you’re in San Antonio, you’re in luck. Just contact the Top Rated Local® carpet cleaners in San Antonio to schedule an appointment.

Don’t Do It Yourself

After a pet accident, you may feel inclined to clean up the mess yourself. While you do need to act quickly, you should also know that store-bought chemicals and DIY methods can often make the mess even worse.

Removing a stain from a carpet isn’t as simple as dusting the television or removing a splotch from the table. There are many intricacies that go into cleaning a carpet stain properly, such as knowing exactly what the carpet is made from, and which chemicals will have a positive effect.

If you add an unknown, and incompatible, chemical solution to the stain, you may only exacerbate the problem and be left with an even uglier blemish than before.

While your first instinct will be to act quickly, you should first know exactly what you’re doing. In order to minimize the problem, grab a clean paper towel or white cloth to blot out as much of the stain as possible. If you are inclined to dampen the cloth first, be sure to use cold water, as warm water tends to help the stain set into the fibers faster.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to let your little buddy know that it’s OK. Accidents happen, after all!

Then, before you go scrubbing away with the store bought stuff, contact the carpet cleaners at Alamo Steam Team. We’ll get the job done right and leave you with a spotless carpet once again.

Professional Stain Removal

There is no matching the ability and expertise of a professional spot stain removal, particularly when it comes to pet stains.

When you trust the professional carpet cleaners at a place like the Alamo Steam Team, you are ensuring what’s best for your carpet and your home. Treating serious pet stains effectively is a three-step process, in a sense. It goes a little something like this:

  • Step 1 — Determine The Material: This is a crucial first step in order to identify what type of solutions to use in order to remove the pet stain from the carpet’s fibers. Not all carpets are made the same, after all.
  • Step 2 — Apply Solution: From here, it’s time to go to work with the effective, safe solution. It could be a biodegradable enzyme that will dissolve the stain, or it could be a simple eco-friendly pretreatment solution which will break the stain. Whatever it takes, we’ll figure it out.
  • Step 3 — Steam Clean: After the stain is mostly removed, it is recommended to have your carpet steam cleaned for a thorough, balanced clean. This will help restore the full carpet to its original beauty, while also sanitizing the area.

When it comes to removing pet stains in San Antonio, Alamo Steam Team has your back. Contact your local carpet cleaners today.


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