Time For Some New Year’s Cleaning

The new year is here.

As hard as it may be to believe, it has arrived in style. With a new year brings new promise, new hope, new resolutions, and of course new opportunities.

Among those opportunities is the chance to start the year off on the right foot with a fresh outlook — and a fresh home.

Conventional (and commercial) wisdom tells you that spring is the best time to handle all of your home renovations and cleaning jobs, but why wait? The new year brings new optimism, and what better way to put that positive outlook to work than by making your home sparkle like the Times Square ball?

Here in San Antonio, our licensed, certified, and experienced carpet cleaners have just a few ideas to help you ring in the new year in a fresh way. Don’t wait for spring to roll around. It’s time for some New Year’s Cleaning — Alamo Steam Team style.

Start With The Carpets

Take a look at your rugs and carpets. What kind of shape are they in?

Perhaps you had a big New Year’s Eve bash and you (or one of your guests) accidentally spilt some of that sweet red wine. No problem! Perhaps your kids and pets have made a habit of tracking in grime, gunk, and dirt from outside. Don’t sweat it.

Not matter what types of horrors your carpets and rugs experienced in 2017, now is the time to take good care of them and give them a good, thorough cleaning.

One of the best ways to get an efficient, deep wash is through carpet steam cleaning, which uses high heat and water in order to extract dirt, pollutants, and other soilage from floors and rugs.

Our Top Rated Local® San Antonio carpet cleaners are the best in the business when it comes to carpet steam cleaning. That’s because we have a simplified, yet perfected, process which starts with an inspection of your carpet and its material in order to properly gameplan, and ends with hot water extraction and expedited drying.

Steam carpet cleaning should be done once every year at a minimum anyway, so if you’re looking for a good place to start with your beginning-of-year cleaning, the floors that get walked on each and every day are a great place to start.

De-Clutter The Closets

Here’s another tip for you: get rid of all of the clothes and knick-knacks you don’t need! The best way to bring in the new year on the right foot is to follow the modern proverb of, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

Take a look through your closets, drawers, and other spaces that tend to collect junk and sort through the “needs” and “don’t needs.” Then, get rid of the “don’t needs!” Whether you sell, donate, or simply throw away, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief once all of the clutter is cleared out.

Turn Your Mattress

The experts — you’re looking at them — say that you should flip your mattress a minimum of four times per year. This not only helps with the comfort, but it also helps your mattress last a whole lot longer.

And remember, as soon as you flip it is as good a time as any to give it a nice little cleaning, even if it’s as simple as vacuuming and using a light antibacterial cleaning solution on the surface.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a thorough cleaning done on your mattress, you may want to consider that, too. There are numerous benefits to mattress steam cleaning, and our certified techs are the best in San Antonio at it.

Air Duct Cleaning

In Texas, we don’t always get to experience the full brunt of the winter season. But it does still get a little chilly from time to time.

The turning of the calendar is a perfect time to get your air ducts cleaned for when the furnace kicks on during those brisk San Antonio winter nights. Plus, if you have central AC, cleaner air ducts will also come in handy once summer rolls around.

The benefits of air duct cleaning include improved airflow, less pollutants and allergens, and better indoor air quality.

Now that you have a few starting points, it’s time to get cleaning! Contact Alamo Steam Team today to schedule your steam cleaning services.

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