How To Clean An Oriental RugWhat Does “Green Cleaning” Really Mean?


Everyone talks about “going green” these days.

And with good reason. Going green, or in other words being more environmentally conscious, has several benefits which can help correct decades of mistreatment and help future generations experience all of the wonder this planet has to offer.

But when it comes to the cleaning industry, what exactly does going green mean? Chances are, you’ve heard, read, or seen at least one professional cleaner tout that their methods are “green” — but do they know exactly what they mean by that?

And more importantly, particularly if you are looking to implement green cleaning methods in your own home, do you know what green cleaning means?

In this blog, we’re going to go over a few of the green cleaning essentials that our San Antonio carpet cleaners implement on a day-to-day basis in order to help you understand the process a little better.

If you’re looking for green carpet cleaning in San Antonio, there’s no better name to trust than Alamo Steam Team. Schedule your appointment today.

What ISN’T Green Cleaning?

When customers and residents search for green cleaning, they want to be sure that there are no harmful chemicals being used, to be sure, but they also want to know that these chemicals (and their containers) are going to be safely disposed.

However, most carpet cleaning companies still rely on chemical compounds, powders, and foams which can be potentially harmful to the environment and the people who come in contact with them.

The fact of the matter is, while these chemicals are designed to clean the carpet and the surrounding area with ease, the methods that these companies employ typically tend to leave behind some residue. This can be dangerous, as the synthetics in the chemicals can cause adverse effects such as headaches, allergic reactions, or worse.

This is not a green method, nor should it be advertised as such.

What IS Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a process which uses environmentally friendly, natural, and safe products in order to perform a thorough clean.

At Alamo Steam Team, our green carpet cleaning process doesn’t rely on chemicals and compounds. Rather, we use efficient, safe, and powerful carpet steam cleaning tactics. Our San Antonio carpet cleaners rely on the power of pressure, steam, and hot water extraction in order to remove dirt, grime, and gunk from within the carpet fibers.

It’s more efficient, more natural, and doesn’t leave behind any chemical residue.

Benefits Of Green Cleaning

The benefits of green carpet cleaning are extensive and far-reaching. While the initial thought is that green cleaning helps protect the environment, which is true, another desirable byproduct is a positive impact on humans within the household.

A few green cleaning benefits include:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • No chemicals absorbed into the skin
  • Minimal health risks for children and pets
  • Better understanding of ingredients
  • Less expensive

As you can see, green cleaning — particularly when it relates to our carpets — can hold many more advantages when compared to traditional chemical methods.

Our Green Carpet Cleaners

In San Antonio, there’s only one name you can trust to get your carpets cleaned quickly, efficiently, and with the greenest of methods: Alamo Steam Team.

Our licensed, certified, and trained carpet cleaners have the tools and knowledge needed to perform the best green cleaning practices out on the market.

We use the same process when cleaning each and every carpet, and you can rest assured that we always take special care to ensure we’re getting the job done right not only for your carpet and its materials, but also for you and your family.

Our green cleaning process includes:

  • Pre-treating spots and stains with a biodegradable enzyme
  • Heating water to a boil using our truck mounted steam units
  • Pressurizing steam and sending it through the hose and to the steam cleaning head
  • Blasting that steam deep into the carpet fibers, which dissolves and lifts dirt and stains
  • Using suction to extract grime and moisture in the carpet
  • Drying with a heavy duty airflow machine

And in most cases, that’s it! No harmful chemicals. Just effective, efficient, steam carpet cleaning.

Contact the only Top Rated Local® carpet cleaners in San Antonio today to schedule your green cleaning appointment.


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