Which Carpet Material Is Best?


Are you in the market for a newer, fresher type of flooring?

Whether you are moving into a new house, moving out of your old house, or simply want to renovate your current house, installing carpet can be a good way to make any room stand out and feel more homey.

But before you go about throwing down just any old type of carpet, you want to take a few careful precautions into consideration to ensure you are choosing the right material and style for your tastes.

Which type of carpet material is best, anyway? That all depends on your style, your taste, whether or not you have pets, and many other factors.

In this blog, the Alamo Steam Team will walk you through some of your many options for carpet flooring in order to help you decide which one is right for you.

And remember, when those carpets inevitably get a little bit worn and dirty, we are the San Antonio carpet cleaners that you can trust.

Keep reading to learn more and contact Alamo Steam Team to make a carpet cleaning appointment.

Carpet Fibers

Carpet flooring is made up of thousands upon thousands of tiny little fibers. Together, these fibers make up the (hopefully) soft flooring that you step foot on just about every day.

Taking this into account, it’s important that you choose the fibers with the right set of characteristics. For instance, will these fibers be easy to clean? What about stains? Will your carpet be durable and last for years to come?

These are the important questions, after all. With that being said, here are a few of the common types of carpet fibers from which to choose:

  • Wool: Wool is one of the rare carpet fibers that is made from natural materials, and therefore it is a traditional favorite. However the downside to wool is that it is significantly more expensive than some of the synthetic counterparts, like acrylic. Wool carpet is durable and moderately easy to clean, though it is susceptible to mold growth when wet or dampened.
  • Nylon: Because of its lower price point and high upside, nylon is arguably the most popular type of carpet material. Nylon fibers are strong and resistant to stains, traffic, abrasion, and even sunlight. Another reason why nylon is popular is because it can come in a variety of styles, from soft/warm to cold/course.
  • Olefin (Polypropylene): Olefin is another popular type of carpet largely due to its resistance to mildew and mold growth. Olefin is fairly resistant to water damage, stains, and even static. However, olefin is known to fade and become damaged by sunlight, making it a common choice for areas like basements.
  • Polyester: Like olefin and nylon, polyester carpet fibers are reasonably stain resistant. This type of carpet is also easy to clean when treated quickly, and provides excellent resistance to mold/mildew. Polyester can also very in style, from soft to coarse to silky.

Carpet Cleaning Advice

No matter what type of carpet you choose, it’s imperative that you provide it with the attention it deserves.

Not only will routine attention and maintenance help you cultivate a happier, healthier, cleaner living space, it will also help prolong the life of your carpet itself.

From wool to nylon to polyester, the pros at Alamo Steam Team know how to treat every type of carpet fiber.

Our San Antonio carpet cleaners take special care to identify the makeup of your carpet in order to determine the best way to clean. Our process utilizes the finest, eco-friendly detergents in order to blast dirt, soils, and stains from the fibers and leave your carpet looking just like new.

Call Alamo Steam Team to have your carpets professionally cleaned the right way!


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