What to Look for If Your Pet Has an Accident in Your Home

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January 18, 2019

Understanding Why Removing Pet Urine Odor Is So Hard!

You work extremely hard to make sure your home is clean and fresh for your family and friends to enjoy.  The dishes are clean, the floors are mopped, vacuumed, and the laundry is folded and put away.  One day, you stumble upon an area in your home where you believe your pets may have had an accident.  You don’t know how long the pet urine has been there, but you are determined to get rid of the horrible smell.  You pull out your bottle of resolve, soak the area, and all you are left with is a soapy spot and a smell still there.  The truth is, while you may be using the correct solution, the pet urine can be deeper than you think.


In most cases, I have found that people spray their cleaning solution in the wrong area.  While we believe we have the scent of a Bloodhound, our nose can be deceiving with odor.

If the pet urine went unnoticed for a long time, you may not have an obvious yellow stain that you can see.  If you have an idea of where the urine is, always imagine that the stain is larger beneath the surface.  Spots will always appear smaller on the surface than behind the carpet or pad.

Pinpointing exactly where the pet urine is should involve

  • Black Lights
  • Yellow Glasses
  • Moisture Meters
  • Probes
  • Oh, and Gloves!!


Treating pet urine can be extremely difficult the bigger your pet is. Of course, a larger size dog will urinate more than a puppy will. Urine or any spill for that matter, does not take but a few seconds for it to seep through the carpet, to the backing of the carpet, to the pad, and even the subfloor. Again, the pet urine will be larger underneath than it appears on top of the surface. If you spray your solution on the top of the carpet, how are you removing the pet urine underneath the surface?

Have you ever felt confident you picked up the odor and the stain, left to celebrate, came home and got slapped in the face by the daunting smell of urine again? Yes, this is because there is still urine trapped underneath the carpet! The urine is trying to evaporate but little do you know; the urine is trapped.


We have had residential carpet cleaning clients and commercial property managers try to rid the carpet of pet urine themselves as good as they can but they forget one important problem, their subfloor! If the urine was absorbed through your porous cement subfloor, how are you supposed to extract that? How are you supposed to remove the moisture then? How are your ordinary carpet cleaners going to be able to spray a deodorizer on top of your carpet and tackle the urine in the subfloor?

The truth is, you cannot treat pet urine from just the surface.


Call Alamo Steam Team in San Antonio, Texas at (210) 599-9726, your local Pet Urine Removal Specialist and we will send out a Cleaning Technician that will effectively remove the urine, GUARANTEED!

  1. We use specialty tools, techniques, and experience to identify exactly where the moisture is trapped.
  2. Next, we remove the furniture in the affected area and detach the carpet.
  3. We remove and dispose of the tack strip and the carpet pad.
  4. Once we have an exposed subfloor, we then treat the subfloor with a special odor digesting enzyme for an hour, clean the floor, dry the floor, and apply an odor barrier sealer.
  5. Finally, we install the tack strip, replace the pad, clean and treat the backing of the carpet, properly install the carpet, and finally clean the surface.

While this is a detailed process, this is the most-effective way to treat the smell, rid the bacteria found in urine, and to remove stains, GUARANTEED! Every situation is different and there are many variables that can come into play. The example above is the most common.

Honestly, there may be instances where it is cost-effective to replace the carpet and the pad. If you do plan on doing, that, make sure your subfloor is treated, cleaned, and sealed. If you have tried everything you can possibly do and still cannot bare the odor anymore. To identify how to solve your pet urine problem.

Call (210) 599-9726


About the Author

carpet cleaning specialistJoe Trevino is an Operations Manager for Alamo Steam Team Cleaning & Restoration. He runs the carpet cleaning division and holds a BBA in Management, over 10 Certifications from the IICRC – including Odor Control, Master Textile Cleaner, and Carpet Cleaning. (License #: 209330)

He believes you should not have to deal with foul odors in your home anymore. Your home should be a sanctuary and the quality of the air indoors should be healthy for your family.

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