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At Alamo Steam Team, we specialize in a wide range of home steam cleaning services. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our San Antonio home steam cleaning team, including:

Think about what it feels like to clean up your home after a long week. It’s a refreshingly satisfying feeling, isn’t it?

The smell of fresh laundry. The look of a spotless mirror. The comfort of those clean sheets. There’s just nothing that’s quite as good.

At Alamo Steam Team, we want to help you experience that feeling all the time. That’s why we provide our Top Rated Local® steam cleaning services in San Antonio and beyond. We know that throughout the daily grind, sometimes those cleaning sessions can get overlooked, neglected, or even sometimes ineffective.

Kids, pets, and even us adults can track in dirt, leave stains, and create messes on our carpets, couches, mattresses, and more — sometimes without even realizing it. That’s where steam cleaning comes in handy.

With our top rated steam cleaning services, we can ensure a fresh, fabulous house from top to bottom, so that you can always feel the satisfaction of cleanliness within the comfort of your own home.

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Why Choose Alamo?

There is no shortage of ways to attempt to clean your home. On that same note, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of professional cleaning companies who are out there vying for your business. All of them claim to perform the same, if not better, type of service as the next one.

So what sets Alamo Steam Team apart?

Well it’s simple; we have perfected the art of steam cleaning. At Alamo Steam Team, your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other household items are our canvas. And our steam cleaning tools are what we use to create a masterpiece work of art to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied with what is left.

From steam carpet cleaning, to steam mattress cleaning, to oriental rug cleaning, our team guarantees a thorough and effective wash for your home and its furnishings.

Our methods have been fine-tuned and perfected over the course of the past several years as we embrace and implement the newest technologies and techniques which make home steam cleaning so effective.

We are San Antonio local and San Antonio proud, which is why you should entrust Alamo Steam Team to handle your next home steam cleaning job. Book your appointment today and see why we are the top rated steam cleaners in San Antonio.

Benefits Of Home Steam Cleaning

Why should you opt for steam cleaning on your carpets and upholstery? That’s a simple one to answer, too: because it’s just more effective.

While vacuuming, scrubbing, and other techniques can help mitigate the build-up of dirt and grime, chances are the fibers in your carpet are still going to lock in a fair amount of unwanted gunk.

That’s where the experts at Alamo Steam Cleaning come in. Our team has the tools, knowledge, and training needed to blast and extract that dirt from your carpets, mattress, or just about anything else which can trap dirt within its fabric.

The fact of the matter is, nothing removes dirt and grime like superheated water and steam. This method has the ability to “blast” the entrenched dirt and other particles and dissolve their grip on the carpet fibers.

The steam cleaning process is known as one of the most effective cleaning methods out there, typically eliminating and extracting upwards of 95 percent of the embedded dirt, soils, dander, microbes and dust mites from carpet and furniture. What’s more, steam cleaning does all of this through an eco-friendly process that effectively sterilizes carpet fibers and fabrics without the need for dangerous chemicals.

The end result? Nothing short of amazing. Here are just a few refreshingly tantalizing benefits you can experience when you entrust Alamo Steam Team to handle all of your home steam cleaning needs:

  • Remove 95 percent of embedded dirt, dander, and soils from floors and furniture.
  • Carpets and furniture fabric re-acquire their original luster and colors.
  • Remove latent, stale odors that are left behind by pets, debris, and other factors.
  • Create a healthier living space by eliminating odors, allergens, and other contaminants which can lead to respiratory problems, skin rashes, sneezing, asthma, and more.

Plus, through the powerful hot water extraction method utilized by our top rated steam carpet cleaners, our process can also effectively remove carpet and rug stains without the use of harmful chemicals. We take into account the fibers and make-up of your carpet or rug to ensure the stain is thoroughly removed and the fabric is restored back to its original glory.

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How Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Work?

If you’re wondering just how steam carpet cleaning works as the best home sanitization and allergen removal method, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

At Alamo Steam Team, we are the only Top Rated Local® carpet steam cleaning professionals in San Antonio, and we got there by being the industry’s best at what we do.

We handle steam carpet cleaning a little bit differently than everyone else; that’s because we use the best technology and techniques available, along with an added affinity for customer service and quality representation.

Through an advanced method known as hot water extraction, our steam carpet cleaning team combats dirty, grimy, and odor-filled carpet and fabric in a way that ensures maximum particle and oil removal throughout.

However, it’s important to recognize that while one technique may work on a certain type of carpet, it may not work on another.

That’s why you can trust Alamo Steam Team to get the job done right. Our San Antonio carpet cleaners start with a careful, thorough inspection of your carpet, its composition, and its responsiveness to certain treatment methods. After assess the carpet to determine its properties (synthetic or natural), we will get to work on crafting the right treatment plan to ensure that your carpet is returned to its former glory.

Our steam carpet cleaning process works like this:

1. Inspect and Consult: Like we touched on above, the first part of our top rated carpet cleaning process revolves around a thorough inspection of your carpet, including the composition and any high-traffic areas which may require additional attention. Steam carpet cleaning should never take a cookie-cutter approach, and with the Alamo Steam Team it never will.

2. Dry Extraction: Dry soil extraction is a fancy phrase which essentially means we will start the cleaning process by extensively vacuuming the entire area with our commercial-grade vacuums. This helps to extract upwards of 90 percent of the dry, loose dirt particles which are harboring in your carpet.

3. Carpet Stain Removal: Next, we focus on those high-traffic or even stained spots which require a little bit more specialized attention. Whether it’s a wine stain, a pet stain, or something else entirely, we’ll devote a little bit of extra TLC to that spot to make sure it is back to its original color and blends in with the rest of the floor.

4. Pre-Spray Treatment: In order to break down the remaining soil, dirt, and contaminants which are entrenched within the fibers of your carpet, we cover the area with a highly effective, eco-friendly detergent. Again, this process is customized based upon your carpet’s type and soil level. This provides the basis for the hot water extraction and also brings that delightfully fresh scent we all love.

5. Steam Cleaning: Now this is where things really get hot. Utilizing truck-mounted and industry-standard steam carpet cleaning machines, our team moves through your home with grace and efficiency. These machines heat water to 220 degrees and blast the carpets at extremely high pressures. This breaks the grip of dirt, oil, and odor and eventually flushes them out. The solution is quickly extracted using high-powered wet vacuum suction, leaving behind a spotless and shimmering steam cleaned carpet.

6. Quick Dry: One of the most common myths about steam carpet cleaning is that it leaves your home’s floors susceptible to mold and musty odors. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, so long as the job is done the right way. At Alamo Steam Team, we take the time to make sure your carpets are thoroughly dried as we move through the home. We know you have a life to get back to, which is why we get in and out as quickly as possible — but don’t mistake that efficiency for a lack of a job well done!

It’s really as simple as that. Our top rated San Antonio carpet cleaners handle this process better than anyone else around. It’s just what we do!

What Else Can You Steam Clean?

Good news ahead!

Home steam cleaning can be performed on more than just your carpets. When it comes to removing dirt and stains from your area or oriental rugs, mattresses, upholstery furniture, and even tile and grout in your bathroom and/or kitchen, steam cleaning from the top-rated professionals in San Antonio is the way to go.

That’s because our powerful hot-water extraction method uses high temperatures and high pressures, along with an effective non-toxic, eco-friendly detergent, to blast away dirt, grime, oil, and odor like no other method can.

Carpet steam cleaning is our bread and butter, but our team can handle so much more than that. Some of the other steam cleaning services we provide include:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Have an office or commercial building that is in dire need of a thorough carpet cleaning? Alamo Steam Team has you covered. Our top rated San Antonio carpet cleaners are trained and certified in the art of steam cleaning, and we have the manpower and technology to handle even those large-scale jobs that other companies shy away from. Having your commercial carpets steam cleaned not only improves the appearance of your workplace, it also mitigates odors and eliminates allergens, making for a healthier, more productive environment.

Carpet Repair

Nobody likes the site of frayed, unseemly fibers messing up the appearance of their once-pristine carpet. In addition to steam carpet cleaning services, the top rated Alamo Steam Team is also trained and experienced in performing a thorough carpet repair.

Whether you are tired of the fray and frizz or you are trying to spruce up your home’s appearance before a sale, our team can repair or replace those unseemly spots that are giving you a headache. This is a job that is best left to the professionals, so if you’re in need of carpet repair in San Antonio, the Alamo Steam Team is the name you should call.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

An area rug or oriental rug is a large-scale investment. Chances are, you picked your high-class oriental rug for one reason and one reason only: it really tied the room together.

If that’s the case, and by some stroke of bad luck you find that your rug is soiled, stained, or otherwise discolored and dirty, then steam cleaning is the cure you seek.

Oriental rug steam cleaning is a thorough and delicate process, which takes into account a number of factors. Those factors include the make of the rug, the location of the stain or discoloration, and the fibers within the rug itself. Our team has the training and experience needed to handle this painstaking process right the first time, every time, so that your rug can remain in tip-top shape and stay as one of the focal points of your living area.

Contact Alamo Steam Team today for trusted, comprehensive oriental rug cleaning in San Antonio.

Air Duct Cleaning

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

A healthier living space, lower utility bills, and a longer-lasting heating and cooling system, for starters. When it comes to the delicate process of air duct cleaning in San Antonio, our team has the tools and resources needed to make this task easy on your home and your wallet.

Contaminated or unkempt air ducts can allow harmful allergens, toxins, and other contaminants flow into your home, creating a dangerous level of poor air quality which can contribute to allergies, asthma, or worse.

Air duct cleaning in San Antonio is especially critical before summertime, when our central air conditioning units will be running at full force. Get your air ducts cleaned by a professional today and avoid some major problems down the road.

Mattress Steam Cleaning

How important is it to clean your mattress? Well consider this: you spend about a third of your life sleeping, and (hopefully) a majority of that time is spent sleeping in the comfort of your own bed. That goes to show how conjoined we are with our mattresses, and highlights the importance of taking good care of ourselves and our beds.

How do you clean a mattress? That is a simple question to answer, so long as you entrust the pros at Alamo Steam Team to perform an effective and thorough mattress steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning quickly and efficiently removes odor, dirt, dander, dust mites, and even stains from within the mattress, helping you to sleep better and happier knowing that you are laying on clean comfort.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Cleaning those specialty fabrics after an accident doesn’t have to be a stressful process. At Alamo Steam Team, our top rated San Antonio steam cleaning professionals have the equipment and knowledge needed to defeat tough stains, eliminate foul odors, and protect your furniture for years to come.

Whether you need steam cleaning for your couch or your outdoor patio furniture, we can get the job done right.

Our Steam Cleaning Service Area

Alamo Steam Team is San Antonio local through and through. Our top rated home steam cleaners are ready, willing, and able to tackle any job, large, or small, in the San Antonio area.

Conveniently located just off Interstate 35, our line of trucks and equipment is standing by to steam clean your San Antonio home today!

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