How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work

As a homeowner, business owner, or even a landlord, you know it’s not easy to get your carpets clean. With the amount of foot traffic your floors see every day, there’s a good chance they get fairly dirty fairly quickly. If you have kids or pets running around, well that could make things even trickier.

Fortunately, there is a carpet cleaning method that is gaining steam, for lack of a better word, as the most trusted and efficient way to achieve fresh carpets and make your home or business interior sparkle like never before.

It’s called carpet steam cleaning, and it’s one of the many steam cleaning services offered by Alamo Steam Team in San Antonio.

Carpet steam cleaning uses tried-and-true industry certified procedures to remove dirt, pollutants, and stains from your home’s carpet in a quick and simple manner.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. If you’ve been wondering how exactly carpet steam cleaning works, and if it’s right for your home, then you came to the right place. Let’s examine one of the most popular steam cleaning services around.

What Is Steam Cleaning

To better understand how carpet steam cleaning works, we need to first understand what the term “steam cleaning” means. You may have heard of a similar method, known as dry cleaning, when it comes to getting high-end clothes or fabrics cleaned. Well, steam cleaning works in almost the same way, though on a much bigger scale being that it is done on entire floors, carpets, and rugs.

Steam cleaning is also sometimes referred to as hot water extraction, and you’ll soon see why that obvious description exists. Steam cleaning is a popular choice by savvy homeowners and commercial facility managers for the removal of dirt, grime, odors, and allergens. Steam cleaning can be used on carpets, upholstery, mattresses, tile, grout, and a whole lot more.

However, it’s not a process that can be performed by just anyone. Steam cleaning requires the proper training, certifications, and equipment. That’s why when it comes to San Antonio steam cleaning services, there’s no one better than the nationally certified professionals at Alamo Steam Team. Book your appointment online today, and keep reading to learn more about the process.

How It Works

Carpet steam cleaning works by utilizing specialized equipment which heats water to upwards of 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The machine, which is a specialized high-powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, then forces the heated water out at a high pressure level. Then, the technician goes back over the spot and extracts that water, along with any dirt and grime that was in the fibers of the carpet. It’s that simple, and it’s that efficient.

The Alamo Steam Team Process

Our carpet steam cleaning process has been perfected over our years of service in San Antonio. Our licensed cleaning technicians are fully certified by the IICRC, with vast knowledge and application of the practices we have developed to help our customers get the home of their dreams back up to par. Here is a brief rundown of our carpet steam cleaning process:

  1. First, our technicians will inspect your carpet to assess the proper equipment and treatments that will be needed. Not every carpet is the same, after all, and the type of fibers, age of the carpet, and many other factors could call for certain special treatments.
  2. Next, our professionals will pre-treat your carpets with a routine dry vacuuming in order to extract the excess dry dirt particles located within your flooring.
  3. The third step in our process is to identify and treat any spots or stains which are hampering the beauty of your carpeting. If you have pet stains, mud stains, or spill stains, we’ll put in the extra effort required to get them out before continuing with the rest of the cleaning.
  4. Our technicians will then apply an eco-friendly, ultra-efficient pre-cleaning detergent which will help break down soil, dirt, and pollutants that are trapped in the fibers.
  5. Now it’s time to get to steaming. Using the high-powered carpet cleaners, our technicians go over the carpet thoroughly with hot water extraction methods that are tried and true. There are no harmful chemicals involved, just eco-friendly detergents and all natural steam and air.

After the hot water extraction is complete, our certified techs will go through with high powered air flow to expedite the carpet drying process. If you then wish, you can add a “rake” job to our steam cleaning services to erase any sign of a cleaning and make sure your home’s carpet looks as fluffed and full as possible. Now that you know how carpet steam cleaning works, it’s time to get your home back! Book your appointment with our San Antonio carpet cleaners online today.


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