The Benefits of Steam Cleaning


The cleaning industry is one of the largest service oriented types of businesses in the United States. There are several hundred thousand residential and home cleaning companies in the country, and seemingly almost as many types of cleaning processes. The idea of using steam cleaning for numerous household furnishings has been around for almost two centuries, but it has really come into its own in the past fifty years. Modern equipment and procedures and technical training now make steam a lot safer to handle and to use in the cleaning process than it was years ago.

That being said, let’s sort out the basics and get some insight into just what steam cleaning does and why it has become such a beneficial process to clean homes and commercial properties.


It has long been known that steam can sterilize and sanitize almost any surface if used safely and methodically. Basically, the idea behind the steam cleaning process is that filtered or ionized water is heated to boiling at 212 degrees. Cleaning services usually have a remote or truck-mounted unit to do this in a large vessel. Once the steam is produced it is delivered by a hose under pressure to a portable cleaning head inside the home or office and applied directly to the carpets, drapes or upholstery. The steam effectively loosens, dissolves and lifts almost any type of embedded dirt, soil, dander, microbes, and bacteria, as well as dust mites and their larvae. In the final step, the debris and steamed water are extracted under heavy suction into the unit and then removed from the premises.


For one thing, water steamed to 212 degrees is extremely effective in sanitizing and sterilizing the surfaces that are treated with it. That’s why hospitals and dentists use steam autoclaves to sterilize their medical equipment. Carpets, draperies and upholstered furniture are natural traps for all of the nasty things that take harbor in their fibers and fabrics, so nothing works quite like steam to remove this debris. What’s more, steam works its magic without the use of the solvents, chemical additives or foaming agents that other cleaning processes rely on. Thus, the steam cleaning process is eco-friendly and leaves no synthetic chemical residue behind which can affect the living or working environment. Now that’s green carpet cleaning.


For starters, the steam cleaning process effectively removes almost 95% of the embedded dirt, soils, dander, microbes and dust mites from carpet and furniture. Moreover, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly process that effectively sterilizes carpet fibers and fabrics without using dangerous chemicals.

The overall results of steam can be nothing short of amazing. Carpets and fabrics are cleaned deep down so the embedded debris is effectively removed. The carpets, as well as drape and furniture fabrics can also re-acquire much of their original luster and true colors. The sanitizing merits of steam also removes the latent odors left behind by debris, pets, smoking and assorted other assaults on the carpet and furniture, improving the quality of the air.

Last but certainly not least are the many health benefits that a thorough and professional steam cleaning can produce. Indoor allergies have become a major problem for many people. This is because embedded dirt, oils, microbes, dander, dust mites, their larvae and other allergens are major contributors to the rising incidence of skin rash, sneezing, congestion, rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory problems. Steam cleaning helps to remove most of these culprits in a safe manner that leaves the home or office truly sanitized and allergen-free. Medical professionals have always known that there’s a very direct correlation between a clean interior environment and the important health benefits that can follow.


A thorough steam cleaning by a reputable, well trained professional carpet and interior cleaning service can be one of the very best decisions that a property owner can make. Protecting their carpet and furniture investment, providing a clean living and working environment as well as the many personal health benefits are all great reasons to give your local steam cleaning professional a call. Getting things really clean has never been easier!

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