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How to Effectively Protect Your Home or Business During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic?

The spread of the Coronavirus is now too close to home for comfort in San Antonio, TX. The number of confirmed cases is increasing day by day and state and local governments are now taking the proper precautions necessary to effectively limit the spread of the virus.

For more information, please visit the CDC.

We encourage you not to live in fear and panic as we can provide effective disinfecting solutions to protecting your home or business.

How Does the Disinfection Process Work?


Our first step is identifying your concerns, requirements, and heavy-traffic areas and touchpoints. We use swab ATP testing in selected areas to measure our effectiveness and control.


Using electrostatic sprayers, we apply an EPA registered sanitizer that effectively kills 99.97% of pathogens on surfaces.


After we have sanitized the surface, we will apply a 90-day residual protective coating that “mechanically kills” pathogens that land on surfaces.


Our final approach is ATP post-testing. We will review the pre-tested areas 24-hours later to identify our effectiveness and ensure protection will be effective moving forward.

How do I Protect my Home or Business Against the Coronavirus?


Reduce human contact


Advise individuals to stay home and not to arrive to work if sick


Constant wipe-down of high-traffic touchpoints


Make extra tissues, soap, and alcohol-based sanitizers readily available


Engage your state/local health departments to confirm channels of communication


Sanitize and protect your home with our professional disinfection system

How Does the Residual Protection Work?

It works in conjunction with your continued cleaning practices. Using an electrostatic sprayer, we are able to cover a broad area of your business or home and prevents pathogens from leaching onto the surface and spreading.

Common wipes and disinfectant sprays are only effective momentarily when wet. These wipes and sprays kill pathogens chemically.

Our protective coating kills pathogens mechanically. The coating is similar to laying down a protective bed or layer of nails and punctures the pathogen on impact. This prevents different pathogens from evolving into different strains. Common disinfectant sprays and wipes allow pathogens to evolve, mutate, and lose its effectiveness. Our mechanical kill prevents the spread of pathogens and safely protects the area.

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