Home Cleaning Services


Alamo Steam Team specializes in a wide variety of household cleaning services in San Antonio. Our licensed and certified technicians get spots, stains, and allergens out of furniture, carpets, tile, and more.


Steam carpet cleaning is our bread and butter at Alamo Steam Team. In order to keep your carpet looking its best for longer, our San Antonio carpet cleaners take special care to have it immaculate by the time we’ve finished steaming.


Be sure to see our carpet cleaning specials to get the best deal for your cleaning! We also offer Carpet Stain Removal as a specialty cleaning service.

Commercial carpeting is highly expensive and susceptible to stains and wear and tear. Maintaining this investment can help save you money in the long run, as soiled carpet fibers wear down faster than clean carpeting. Call the experienced carpet cleaners at Alamo Steam Team to keep your commercially installed carpeting clean and long-lasting.

Keeping air ducts clear of free floating particles like dust, dander, and allergenic particulates can keep you breathing better. Air duct cleaning services may also improve the scent of the air in your home, as well as reduce any allergies you might suffer from.

Over time, the carpets and upholstery in your home can start to gather odor and allergen particles. Pet dander, plant pollen, and even food particles get trapped in fibers and leave unpleasant side effects. Luckily, we can help remove these unwanted pollutants!

Whether you’ve been the victim of a San Antonio flood, or other circumstances have caused your home to suffer large-scale water damage, you can trust Alamo Steam Team to get your home back to normal. We offer 24/7 water damage restoration help. Call us today! (210) 941-1582

Whether or not it’s visible to the eye, upholstery collects dirt, grime, and stains just like your carpets and other soft materials do. After a year or so, it’s probably time to get your upholstery cleaned. Our technicians are experienced in making upholstery spotless without damaging the delicate fabrics.

Your bed is perhaps one of the most often used pieces in your home. Nobody wants to spend nights on a mattress coated in dust or other particulates. Our mattress cleaning technicians can restore your mattress to its original state of cleanliness, so you can rest easy.

Texas homes often include beautiful natural stone surfaces and accents. These stone pieces can weather over time, marring their beauty and color. With Alamo Steam Team, you can restore these pieces to their natural hue and enjoy their beauty for years to come! We restore both exterior and interior stone.

Tile and grout can absorb a lot of unsightly stains and grime over long periods. As you walk on tile, it may even become difficult to determine what the original color of your flooring was. Let us clean your tile and grout to restore it to spotlessness!

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